Twitter Twang – January 27, 2010

@eDougBanks: In biotech? Boston Irish Business Assn. has MassBio CEO Bob Coughlin talking about theindustry:

@matthiasfromm Oh, ‘Technology’ als “most trusted industry sector”, dann ‘Biotech/life sciences’ und ‘Health care’ (S. 9) #edeltrust

@CampusRXBio Emerging biotech industry says R.I. lacks job skills Faced with a lack of qualified workers, leaders in Rhode Island..

@biotechnology Bacteria Transformed into Biofuel Refineries: The bacteria responsible for most cases of food poisoning in the U.S…

@BiosearchTech New Blog Article! The Grand Ballet: Wine and Biotechnology

@Boston_CP Boston: State grants to target life sciences firms

@ilsoy_news Several themes starting to emerge from our meetings, conversations. They include #bioenergy#transportation,#sustainability and #biotech.

@iskraIP #USPTO webpage re. the Green Technology Pilot Program (accelerated examination of green tech. patent applications).

@smithsonian: The #iPad debuts the same day Edison received the patent for the light bulb (in 1880) (Via @LemelsonCenter)

Top News:

@joe_walston The Clown Union is outraged by the patent infringement of the #iPad

@Chris_Biele Patent pending: White eye patch that plays music…sell it as the iPatch.

@therealriley @ahugo68 I’m thinking “iPatent lots of IP”


Twitter Twang: January 26 2010

Here’s today’s Twitter Twang:

@Dialed_In Bio Ohio launches scholarship program…

@sanera09 A New Way to Look for Diseases’ Genetic Roots

@MassHighTech: Women to Watch winners list, virtual world startup top our most-read stories of the past week:

@SoCalBio Weekly Update (Jan 25, 2010) available now at

@jamie_love The German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR) was surprisingly cool at WIPO SCP this week.

@CharlieRoseShow Tuesday 1/26 -Harrison Ford discusses his film “Extraordinary Measures” / Actor Colin Firth discusses “A Single Man”

@IPLawAlerts JDSupra: FTC Chair Calls for Ban to Pay-For-Delay Settlements

@CropLifeFdn Maine farmers looking for how #organic and conventional farmers can work together to benefit all That’s the spirit!

@Family_Health FHI working w/ @foodforthepoor to distribute medical supplies, clean water to Haiti’s Fermathe hospital…

@worldresources Reading – Joint Statement by BASIC Group (Brazil, South Africa, India and China) @ChinaFAQs –

Today’s Twitter Twang – January 25, 2010

Tweets on Pompe Disease & Extraordinary Measures:

@biocrowd What Do “Extraordinary Measures,” Genzyme and Pompe Disease Have in Common?

@DukeNews Extraordinary Measures: Movie depicts a fight against Pompe disease that began with Duke research

@medicalprogress Extraordinary Measures? Read the story behind the film – and the starring role of #animalresearch of Pompedisease

@sciam Ask the Experts: What Is Pompe Disease?

@caruanascott Pompe disease, the topic of Harrison Ford’s new film, shouldn’t B confused w/ S. pombe, a valuable model organsim

Otherwise, here’s today’s top Twitter news:

@COILifeScience Emory Will Partner with GlaxoSmithKline on Drug Research for Neglected Tropical Diseases

@CropLifeFdn How will we feed 9 bil in 2050? #ag

@travel_blogs Building Knowledge About Biotechnology in Africa: This is the first of a two-part series to Africa Harvest, …

@science_ip Nice summary of USPTO Motion in ACLU Gene case by Patent Docs.

@ipatents A myriad of gene patents – Joe Mullin profiles the Myriad patent story. The company’s seven patents have been…

@IAmBiotech Your Own Biotech TV Station:

@NIMHgov Science Update: From Neurons to Thought: Coherent Electrical Patterns Observed Across the Brain.

@dcexaminer Pew Research Center: Health Care Ranks Eighth on List of Public Priorities

@ncbiotech Come to the CED 2010 Biotech Conference. — Connect with hundreds of leaders in the biotech community –…

@BiotechMD New STEM Labs To Be Added To Arundel College #stem

Twitter Twang: July 1st

(@EuropaBio) RT @JPlovesCOTTON: “Between pure organics & the reckless use of chemicals, there is a huge gray area”

(@PharmTechEurope) Europe needs generic medicines faster

(@unuony) UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Visits UNU.

(@Oxfam) African crises escalate as AU leaders meet in Libya

(@PfizerNewsGoogFin) : Business news in brief: Business news in brief Philadelphia Inquirer – Abbott Labs…

(@know_cancer) RT @StewieB plsRT! Help us get Kathy Griffin to join our cause! @officialkathyg, Support Team Jason!  #thekathycampaign

(@Comprendia) RT @GENbio: Building a Successful Biotech Incubator

(@BeelJDPhD) RT @cafepharma U.S. group questions AstraZeneca’s Crestor patent: Yahoo/Reuters  [Article 1 Partners strikes again]

(@MassHighTech) VC-backed M&As down in Q2

(@GeneticEngineer) Genetically engineered mice yield clues to ‘knocking out’ cancer

(@FierceBiotech) Are biotech CEO’s worth what they’re paid?  (WSJ)

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Twitter Twang: June 30th

Here’s this morning’s Twitter Twang!

(@GilmanResearch) Michael Jackson patented a gadget to perform dance magic

(@ptp) USPTO & the National Board of Patents & Registration of Finland Partner to Expedite Processing & Improve Patent Quality

(@EuroPharmaToday) Pfizer says its open to sub $250 mil. deals and regional deals – a sea change? – Euro-Biotech Forum

@DaisytheCow) The Truth About Biotech Crops: There have been some misconceptions floating around in the internet with regard t..

(@BiotechNews) BREAKING NEWS: Sanofi unveils R&D makeover: As promised, Sanofi-Aventis announced today that it’s overhauling…

(@FiercePharma) In one of the largest patent verdicts in US history, Abbott Labs loses $1.7B Humira lawsuit to Johnson & Johnson

(@acarvin) Checking out the US govt spending dashboard that was just unveiled at #pdf09:

(@whitehouse_rss) (special videos) President Obama – Your Turn: Join the National Online Discussion on Health Care…

(@MedicalNews) Anti-Anxiety Drugs Raise New Fears  (via @amvr2medwriter)

(@cafepharma) Obama-Proof: Pfizer, Bristol-Myers and Teva:

(@Bioethics) EU to examine national opt-outs for GM crop growing

(@worldresources) Watching “Millennium Development Goals for 2015” video –

(@pharmaguy) Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar Update:  Is your event listed?

(@MeganIIRRT) @futurebiopharma What are the most challenging therapeutic areas? Biggest frustrations with each?

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Twitter Twang: June 29th

I’m starting a summary of Twitter-derived biotechnology news, inspired by hardworking Twitterers. Because Twitter’s format makes it impossible to “read the news” in an easy (and traditional) fashion, I’m collecting stories of interest and posting them here.

OK, let’s get started with today’s Twitter Twang!

(@biotechRSS) FierceBiotech: Sources: Novartis in talks to buy Elan assets:

(@science_ip) RT @DJParadice Bill Gates is frustrated that his beer is warm. As a result, he applied for a patent on beer cooler.

(@dcexaminer) Morning Must Reads: Los Angeles Times — Obama champions energy bill but not its tariffs:

(@cqpolitics) Political Wire: Daily Pulse on Health Care Politics:

(@PharmTechEurope) Drug companies are increasingly using medical science liaisons:

(@ICISgreenblog) Blog: Weekly News Roundup: A very busy week last week with lots of bioplastic and recycling news…

(@essential2) Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill could lead to more than 25,000 job losses in the chemical industry:

(@axelhorns) RT @IPStrategist @marcusmalek has a great post about the end of Ocean Tomo. Highly recommended.

(@jhpincus) RT @Venture_Capital: Ten unconventional wisdoms for funding startups: VentureBeat:

(@JNJComm) RT @fpbnursing: Commencement keynote: “Nurses are the faces of hope for health care.” J&J medical director Rick Martinez

(@cafepharma) A U.S. Generics Shop Looks to India for Biotech: WSJ Online

(@Comprendia) RT @ISSCR: Over 3,000 expected to attend the Annual Meeting in Barcelona next week, making it the largest meeting for stem cell researchers.

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