Twitter Twang – January 27, 2010

@eDougBanks: In biotech? Boston Irish Business Assn. has MassBio CEO Bob Coughlin talking about theindustry:

@matthiasfromm Oh, ‘Technology’ als “most trusted industry sector”, dann ‘Biotech/life sciences’ und ‘Health care’ (S. 9) #edeltrust

@CampusRXBio Emerging biotech industry says R.I. lacks job skills Faced with a lack of qualified workers, leaders in Rhode Island..

@biotechnology Bacteria Transformed into Biofuel Refineries: The bacteria responsible for most cases of food poisoning in the U.S…

@BiosearchTech New Blog Article! The Grand Ballet: Wine and Biotechnology

@Boston_CP Boston: State grants to target life sciences firms

@ilsoy_news Several themes starting to emerge from our meetings, conversations. They include #bioenergy#transportation,#sustainability and #biotech.

@iskraIP #USPTO webpage re. the Green Technology Pilot Program (accelerated examination of green tech. patent applications).

@smithsonian: The #iPad debuts the same day Edison received the patent for the light bulb (in 1880) (Via @LemelsonCenter)

Top News:

@joe_walston The Clown Union is outraged by the patent infringement of the #iPad

@Chris_Biele Patent pending: White eye patch that plays music…sell it as the iPatch.

@therealriley @ahugo68 I’m thinking “iPatent lots of IP”


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