Today’s Twitter Twang – January 25, 2010

Tweets on Pompe Disease & Extraordinary Measures:

@biocrowd What Do “Extraordinary Measures,” Genzyme and Pompe Disease Have in Common?

@DukeNews Extraordinary Measures: Movie depicts a fight against Pompe disease that began with Duke research

@medicalprogress Extraordinary Measures? Read the story behind the film – and the starring role of #animalresearch of Pompedisease

@sciam Ask the Experts: What Is Pompe Disease?

@caruanascott Pompe disease, the topic of Harrison Ford’s new film, shouldn’t B confused w/ S. pombe, a valuable model organsim

Otherwise, here’s today’s top Twitter news:

@COILifeScience Emory Will Partner with GlaxoSmithKline on Drug Research for Neglected Tropical Diseases

@CropLifeFdn How will we feed 9 bil in 2050? #ag

@travel_blogs Building Knowledge About Biotechnology in Africa: This is the first of a two-part series to Africa Harvest, …

@science_ip Nice summary of USPTO Motion in ACLU Gene case by Patent Docs.

@ipatents A myriad of gene patents – Joe Mullin profiles the Myriad patent story. The company’s seven patents have been…

@IAmBiotech Your Own Biotech TV Station:

@NIMHgov Science Update: From Neurons to Thought: Coherent Electrical Patterns Observed Across the Brain.

@dcexaminer Pew Research Center: Health Care Ranks Eighth on List of Public Priorities

@ncbiotech Come to the CED 2010 Biotech Conference. — Connect with hundreds of leaders in the biotech community –…

@BiotechMD New STEM Labs To Be Added To Arundel College #stem


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