Sharing & Promoting Innovative Technology in Public-Private Global Development Partnerships

Sharing and Promoting Innovative Technology in Public-Private Global Development Partnerships

World Trade Organization (WTO) Public Forum, Geneva

September 29, 2009

The World Trade Organization Public Forum has become one of the most important platforms for dialogue among stakeholders of the multilateral trading system. Each year representatives from key international agricultural and development agencies attended the Public Forum as panellists and participants. The Public Forum draws significant attention from governments, non-government organizations, academics, businesses and the mass media.

This year, CropLife International is assembling a diverse panel with substantial experience to offer their views on innovative solutions to critical global agricultural problems on Tuesday, September 29 (16:30-18:30) in Geneva.

Panelists will discuss:

  1. The increasing importance of public-private partnerships for development;
  2. How such partnerships stimulate, protect, and share innovation, and
  3. The case of agricultural innovation as an example of the role of public-private global development partnerships in stimulating, protecting, and sharing innovation

Technological advances can play a particularly central role in addressing agricultural challenges such as drought and destructive pests. Meeting these challenges sustainably will require new ideas, tools and technologies. The WTO Public Forum is an excellent opportunity to have a productive discussion on these important topics; we look forward to your participation.

Invited Panelists:

  • Mr. Grant D. Aldonas – Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies (Invited)
  • Dr. Gerard F. Barry – Head, IPMU and Program 4 Leader, Golden Rice Network Coordinator, International Rice Research Institute (Invited)
  • Professor Sir Gordon Conway – Chair in International Development, Imperial College London, Imperial College (Confirmed)
  • Mr. Gavin Power – Deputy Director and Head of Financial Markets, UN Global Compact (Invited)

For more information, visit Croplife’s website.


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