Twitter Twang: July 1st

(@EuropaBio) RT @JPlovesCOTTON: “Between pure organics & the reckless use of chemicals, there is a huge gray area”

(@PharmTechEurope) Europe needs generic medicines faster

(@unuony) UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Visits UNU.

(@Oxfam) African crises escalate as AU leaders meet in Libya

(@PfizerNewsGoogFin) : Business news in brief: Business news in brief Philadelphia Inquirer – Abbott Labs…

(@know_cancer) RT @StewieB plsRT! Help us get Kathy Griffin to join our cause! @officialkathyg, Support Team Jason!  #thekathycampaign

(@Comprendia) RT @GENbio: Building a Successful Biotech Incubator

(@BeelJDPhD) RT @cafepharma U.S. group questions AstraZeneca’s Crestor patent: Yahoo/Reuters  [Article 1 Partners strikes again]

(@MassHighTech) VC-backed M&As down in Q2

(@GeneticEngineer) Genetically engineered mice yield clues to ‘knocking out’ cancer

(@FierceBiotech) Are biotech CEO’s worth what they’re paid?  (WSJ)

Photo of the Day: “Weird Science” (


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