Twitter Twang: June 30th

Here’s this morning’s Twitter Twang!

(@GilmanResearch) Michael Jackson patented a gadget to perform dance magic

(@ptp) USPTO & the National Board of Patents & Registration of Finland Partner to Expedite Processing & Improve Patent Quality

(@EuroPharmaToday) Pfizer says its open to sub $250 mil. deals and regional deals – a sea change? – Euro-Biotech Forum

@DaisytheCow) The Truth About Biotech Crops: There have been some misconceptions floating around in the internet with regard t..

(@BiotechNews) BREAKING NEWS: Sanofi unveils R&D makeover: As promised, Sanofi-Aventis announced today that it’s overhauling…

(@FiercePharma) In one of the largest patent verdicts in US history, Abbott Labs loses $1.7B Humira lawsuit to Johnson & Johnson

(@acarvin) Checking out the US govt spending dashboard that was just unveiled at #pdf09:

(@whitehouse_rss) (special videos) President Obama – Your Turn: Join the National Online Discussion on Health Care…

(@MedicalNews) Anti-Anxiety Drugs Raise New Fears  (via @amvr2medwriter)

(@cafepharma) Obama-Proof: Pfizer, Bristol-Myers and Teva:

(@Bioethics) EU to examine national opt-outs for GM crop growing

(@worldresources) Watching “Millennium Development Goals for 2015” video –

(@pharmaguy) Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar Update:  Is your event listed?

(@MeganIIRRT) @futurebiopharma What are the most challenging therapeutic areas? Biggest frustrations with each?

Photo of the Day: “Cathedral of Learning” (

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