Twitter Twang: June 29th

I’m starting a summary of Twitter-derived biotechnology news, inspired by hardworking Twitterers. Because Twitter’s format makes it impossible to “read the news” in an easy (and traditional) fashion, I’m collecting stories of interest and posting them here.

OK, let’s get started with today’s Twitter Twang!

(@biotechRSS) FierceBiotech: Sources: Novartis in talks to buy Elan assets:

(@science_ip) RT @DJParadice Bill Gates is frustrated that his beer is warm. As a result, he applied for a patent on beer cooler.

(@dcexaminer) Morning Must Reads: Los Angeles Times — Obama champions energy bill but not its tariffs:

(@cqpolitics) Political Wire: Daily Pulse on Health Care Politics:

(@PharmTechEurope) Drug companies are increasingly using medical science liaisons:

(@ICISgreenblog) Blog: Weekly News Roundup: A very busy week last week with lots of bioplastic and recycling news…

(@essential2) Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill could lead to more than 25,000 job losses in the chemical industry:

(@axelhorns) RT @IPStrategist @marcusmalek has a great post about the end of Ocean Tomo. Highly recommended.

(@jhpincus) RT @Venture_Capital: Ten unconventional wisdoms for funding startups: VentureBeat:

(@JNJComm) RT @fpbnursing: Commencement keynote: “Nurses are the faces of hope for health care.” J&J medical director Rick Martinez

(@cafepharma) A U.S. Generics Shop Looks to India for Biotech: WSJ Online

(@Comprendia) RT @ISSCR: Over 3,000 expected to attend the Annual Meeting in Barcelona next week, making it the largest meeting for stem cell researchers.

Flickr Photo of the Day: “Innovation” (


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