Why Blog about Intellectual Property? BIO Policy Briefing Raises the IP Social Media Question

BIO held the Spring 2009 Policy Briefing especially for its law-firm members last Friday. The response was overwhelmingly positive from our members, and the exchange of information was an essential part of its success. For those of you who couldn’t attend, Dr. Kevin Noonan of PatentDocs wrote a summary of the event yesterday.

At the end of the call, an insightful question was raised regarding PatentlyBIOtech: its purpose, value, and mission in a world stacked full of blogs.  The increased flow of information, thanks to expanding global telecommunications networks, has created a sense of competition in today’s media outlets.

Looking out onto the blogosphere and IP, I see a future for patent blogs to provide news on different areas of interest and for different audiences, painting a picture of the diversity of industries working on solutions to heal, fuel, and feed the world. By connecting today’s events with our member’s work spanning the decades, and their ability to continue doing that work to meet society’s goals. PatentlyBIOtech is a small mirror to an industry that has yet to see the fruits of its labor understood (thus valued) in a wider public audience. Journalist majors graduating universities today who may not understand the link between economic stability and a strong intellectual property system. Policymakers learning about “creative commons” may not understand that there are different ways to share information — and that not all industries can use the same path towards innovation.

Take patent reform: for some  companies, the issue of how damages are awarded as a result of their own misuse of another company’s patent is a sensitive spot, given the large financial compensations they pay for what amounts to a single aspect of a complex invention. Nevertheless, lobbying Congress to pass legislation that weakens patent rights for all small inventors lowers incentives to innovation for everyone. A long time ago in a land far away, that large company was once just a small inventor who needed their “small” invention protected just as much as a more complex invention.

Its this kind of myopic thinking about the intellectual property system that a blog can highlight.

BIO’s IP staff will be at the 2009 BIO Annual Convention in Atlanta, May 18 – 21, 2009. Meet us, the IP Counsels Committee, and international delegates from patent offices around the world on Monday, May 18, 5:30pm,  for a pre-Convention happy hour at the IP Counsels Reception at the Omni at CNN Center, Grand Ballroom E.

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